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The 3rd annual #goacc Tournament of Champions: The Chestnut Hill Regional Opening Round

The best of the best (worst?) have been selected after a rigorous process by the selection committee. Now it's up to you to help determine the #goacc champion of the season.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Moving on yet again, it' time for the reveal of the third of our four regionals! Remember, use the Storystream links on the right to vote in the other regionals!

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1. Boston College completed the quest for Double Perfection


16. Clemson's Howard's Rock hats

Boston College this year completed something that hasn't been done since World War II: they went winless in conference play in both football AND basketball. That is an astounding level of athletic ineptitude. My lord. I hope this wins the whole dang tournament, so at least BC fans can say they won...something.

8. A GT player got suspended, and he then tweeted he was leaving for Florida


9. Jahlil Okafor ain't excited about playing for the 76ers

A real tough choice here. Both players upset with their teams. How will this play out? Call it a gut feeling, but I think Jahlil will be moving on here.

5. Eddie Goins' bizarre NC State hype video


12. Target struggling to identify UNC and NC State

Man, if you didn't see that Eddie Goins video awhile back, you need to watch it right now. It is absolutely one of the strangest hype videos I've ever watched. I can't even hardly explain it. It's just so............odd. Think Eddie will easily be moving on here.

4. Dabo's passionate speech interrupted by ESPN


13. Malik Simmons practiced for UNC while he had a court date

While it's always a lot of fun jabbing UNC, ESPN inadvertently interrupting Dabo's awesome speech to a shot of Sportscenter anchors looking at stuff on their iPads is pretty incredible.

3. Paul Johnson gets funky!


14. Jimmy Buffet gave the U graduation commencement address

If you were wondering when Paul Johnson would show up in this bracket, wonder no more! The curmudgeonly cantankerous one showed off his comedic side after GT beat FSU, and well, it was too hard to not include Pony by Ginuwine on that vine. This might be closer than it should (honestly, how is Jimmy Buffet qualified to give a commencement address?), but Paul Johnson will be winning here. #BelieveIt.

6. Pack Football players dance to Shake it Off!


11. GT flag guy struggling in the rain

Despite the Pack players' best efforts, they did not get to meet Tay Tay. How sad is that GT flag guy though? I can't believe the flagstick didn't snap in half due to the weight of that rain.

7. Bobby Lutz is extra turnt for the house party


10. Philip Rivers Troll Face!

Oh man, that Rivers face. Look at him just trolling Jerruh Jones. Ol' Jerruh can't even handle it. As much as I love Lutz's tweet wanting in on the house party, I think Rivers pulls away with the upset here.

2. PJ Hairston's mom set up a GoFundMe page to be enticed to tell her side of the story


15. One of the many UNC docs released contained this hilarious email

Oh, you probably forgot about that GoFundMe page, didn't you? Guess what.....IT'S STILL ACTIVE. Someone donated $2,500 to it 6 months ago!! She's still got a long way to go though...kind of surprised PackPride forum members didn't decide to front the rest. As funny as that email is, I think it's safe to say PJ's mom is moving on to the Round of 32.

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