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The 3rd annual #goacc Tournament of Champions: The Officiating Regional Opening Round

The best of the best (worst?) have been selected after a rigorous process by the selection committee. Now it's up to you to help determine the #goacc champion of the season.

Harry How/Getty Images

And last, but most certainly not least, we've got our final regional to reveal. Remember, you can use the Storystream links on the right hand side to access the other regionals to vote there! Without further ado...

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1. The ending to the Duke/Miami football game


16. The fat guy touchdown that wasn't

No way the ending to that Duke/Miami game wasn't going to get a 1 seed in this tournament. That was such an embarrassingly display of bad officiating that they got to get their own regional. It'd be amazing (see what I did there) for this 1 seed to lose at all before the #goacc finals, in all honesty.

8. Some people were real confused as to why Cat Barber was trending


9. Sad UVA fan

Super tough matchup here. Could see either of these moving on to face the Duke/Miami game. Literally have no idea which one of these will win.

5. UNC told recruits they don't expect potential NCAA penalties to affect them


12. Chris Paul tried to tackle Dwight Howard

Much like Chris Paul in the NBA playoffs, don't expect him to win here, either.

4. Oh yeah, more Frank Beamer face!


13. Jay Williams' lovefest of Ben Simmons

That video of the former Duke star still feels like the singular moment that started ESPN's ridiculous narrative push about Ben Simmons. Looking back at it now, it feels even more ridiculous, which is why I think Beamer could be in danger of an upset here, as hilarious as that face is.

3. Nobody cares about BC basketball in Boston


14. The fire Al Golden banners are expensive

Damn, man. Aren't cab drivers in Boston supposed to know where literally everything is? BC athletics is a total dumpster fire right now. Out of the many Fire Al Golden banners that flew over tens of fans in Miami, this one was my favorite. Will it be enough to upset the apathetic Boston College atmosphere? Time will tell.

6. Nobody gives Ron Cherry the business!


11. This suggestive N&O headline

We couldn't have a #goacc tournament without Ron Cherry now could we? Don't you DARE try giving him the business, sheesh. Can he move past this incredible N&O headline though? I mean, did the copy editor in charge laugh his ass off when he OK'd that for print?

7. Mason Plumlee's rap video


10. Jim Larranaga doing the whip and nae nae

Another super tough matchup we've got here. The tilde's dance moves are fantastic, but man, that rap video......that is certainly something. Let's call this one a coin flip and move on.

2. That's not the US Capitol, ACC


15. Matt Ryan T-Rex?

This flub on the ACC's part just missed out on grabbing a 1 seed, but don't discount this worthy entrant. It's got some real staying power that should see it making it to AT LEAST the round of 8 remaining teams. And come on, how could anyone ever vote for something that involved Matt Ryan? He sucks.

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