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Jamie Dixon leaving Pittsburgh for TCU job, per reports

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason will have some local intrigue. Jamie Dixon decided to hit the eject button at Pittsburgh and is headed for TCU, per ESPN's Jeff Goodman. This is a fantastic hire for TCU, on par with Buzz Williams deciding to leave Marquette for Virginia Tech. But what does it mean for Pitt, and the ACC, more generally?

The Dixon-to-TCU rumor has been a thing for several days, and in fact may have been a foregone conclusion. I've seen a lot of Pitt fans treating it as such. Plus, there's this ...

Sometimes things get stale, no matter how good or how consistent you've been as a head coach.

The Millers are going to come up in this coaching search. Both Sean and Archie. Sean is a Pitt alumnus, and Archie has had obvious success right down the road. How good is the Pitt job, exactly? We really don't know, because between Ben Howland and Jamie Dixon they've had continuity for like two decades without a genuine coaching search.

So how does Pitt handle this coaching change, and where do the Millers fall into the equation? Sean Miller has already eschewed both NC State and Maryland for Arizona. Sean Miller is not leaving Arizona for Pittsburgh. I don't think Archie Miller is going to take that job, either. This will be interesting, though, no doubt.