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Dayton extends Archie Miller's contract through 2023

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Give Dayton credit, they're being as proactive as possible. They'll lose Archie Miller eventually, but they've shown a willingness to counter interest from other schools, which should at least postpone the departure date a while. Miller and Dayton have agreed to a contract extension through the 2023 season; it's the third year in a row they've come to terms on an extension.

This is also the third straight year Dayton's been to the NCAAs. In 2014 and 2015, the Flyers were an 11-seed, but they improved to a 7-seed this season. Incidentally, this year's team was the worst of that bunch, and they also happened to get dismantled in the first round. An Elite Eight run in 2014 helps balance that out, though.

Archie and his brother Sean both quickly became the source of rumors after Jamie Dixon left Pittsburgh for TCU. Sean Miller has already released a statement denying any interest in the Pitt job (Pitt's his alma mater), and Archie's extension with Dayton says basically the same thing.

Archie is playing this game well. Like Shaka Smart, he seems to be waiting for the best possible situation. Pittsburgh wasn't gonna make that cut. And now he can wait all the way to 2023 for that opportunity, if he needs to. (He won't need to.)