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The 3rd #goacc ToC: Chestnut Hill Second Round

The best of the best (worst?) have been selected after a rigorous process by the selection committee. Now it's up to you to help determine the #goacc champion of the season.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Our final update for the second round brings us to the Chestnut Hill Regional. Again, nothing too terribly surprising here either - just a couple of upsets by the ten and eleven seeds, but other than that, more chalk here too. We could see some REALLY tight votes here in the second round based on some of these matchups - at least, that's what I'd expect. Let's see what you guys think!

Remember, the voting area will be up here, so after you review the matchups, come back up to the top to vote, and use the storystream link on the right to access the other regionals directly from here!

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1. Boston College completed the quest for Double Perfection


8. A GT player got suspended, then he tweeted he was heading to Florida

Was a bit surprised that BC's quest to go completely winless in conference play didn't get a unanimous win, but they still won by a WIDE margin. I think that'll happen here, too, because seriously, what's crazier than losing 27 conference games in two sports in a single sports calendar season?

4. Dabo's passionate speech interrupted by ESPN


5. Eddie Goins' bizarre NC State hype video

Damn, y'all - these four and five matchups in this second round are some serious doozies. Can Eddie's incredible but seriously strange praise of NC State defeat ESPN's awfully timed interruption? I think it's possible, but this one is gonna come down to the wire I'd bet.

3. Paul Johnson gets funky!


11. GT flag guy struggling in the rain

Some GT on GT crime here, but let's be honest - there's no way Paul Johnson isn't moving on here. Just look at that tongue wag! How can you vote against that, even if the flag guy is hilarious on its own?

2. PJ Hairston's mom set up a GoFundMe page to be enticed to tell her side of the story


10. Philip Rivers Troll Face!

Inexpicably, that GoFundMe page is STILL active. That and the fact that there's $3,250 sitting in there should be enough on its own to move that into the Sweet Sixteen. Sorry, Phil. That face is hilarious, and I love anything that makes fun of Jerruh Jones, but I think you're headed home here.

Remember to vote back at the top of the page, and to use the Storystream links on the right to vote in the other regionals!