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ACC will earn record amount of money from 2016 NCAA tournament

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Football may have been the driving force behind conference realignment, but expansion has its perks for basketball too. The ACC has four teams in the Elite Eight this year, and as a result of the league's overall success in the NCAA tournament, it is set to earn almost $40 million.

Each game (or "unit") played by a team has a dollar value, and the ACC is going to finish with a record 25 units in this tourney, as ESPN's Darren Rovell explains here. The league earned almost $33 million from the 2015 NCAAs. That's a significant amount of cash, though tournament earnings are paid over a six-year window.

The $40 million earned this year is distributed to each ACC school in even shares, and assuming the league also gets a share, that means each slice is $2.5 million, or an average of roughly $400,000 annually from 2017 through 2022. And again, that's just the yield from this year. It doesn't count the payouts that have kicked in from 2015 or other NCAA tournaments prior.

So while it may be annoying to watch other league schools have success in the postseason, at least we're getting paid for enduring it. Good job, ACC teams in the NCAA touirnament! Now, please, none of you win the title.