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The 3rd #goacc ToC: Officiating Sweet Sixteen

The best of the best (worst?) have been selected after a rigorous process by the selection committee. Now it's up to you to help determine the #goacc champion of the season.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Our last pair of games to examine are some real interesting ones. This lovely and aptly named regional featured some incredibly close votes that required some extensive viewing of monitors. Joking aside, this was the closest region in terms of margin of victory, and also featured the most upsets of any of the other regionals. What will this mean for this set of regional semifinals? That's up to you, so vote up here and make sure to use the Storystream links on the right hand side of the page!

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1. The ending to the Duke/Miami football game


5. UNC told recruits they don't expect potential penalties from the NCAA to affect them

Y'all I gotta be honest - I can't believe Frank Beamer was also eliminated by this 5 seed. The defending champion of #goacc won't be able to defend his title belt, unfortunately. Moving on to this matchup, there's been a decidedly noticeable trend that anything at all that makes fun of UNC tends to get more votes than others, so by that reason alone I think we could see the 5 seed advance here. It's a small chance, sure, but there's still a chance (Thanks Lloyd Christmas).

2. That's not the US Capitol, ACC


6. Nobody gives Ron Cherry the business!

Ron Cherry is a #goacc legend, all right. But can he overcome one of the greatest media flaps since the Page 145 fiasco? To be fair, that building looks an awful lot like the US Capitol - so much so that it even fooled the stock photo service.

Don't forget to vote in the other regionals using the Storystream links on the right hand side of the page!