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The 3rd Annual #goacc Tournament of Champions: Elite Eight!

The best of the best (worst?) have been selected after a rigorous process by the selection committee. Now it's up to you to help determine the #goacc champion of the season.

Tyler Smith/Getty Images

So we're a bit behind on voting in these rounds, and that's partially due to the crazy schedule I've had during the past few weeks, so apologies we haven't gotten to the final round just yet. Fear not! We'll get caught up there very soon. As we take a look at the remaining entrants, I must say I am a bit surprised by some of the voting we had in the Sweet Sixteen matchups. We saw our first #1 seed go down in a close vote - how soon will it be before we see another one go down? Will those that are left move into the Final Four of #goacc? Or, will we see more upsets? That's up to you! Remember, our poll is up at the top, so vote there after you've reviewed the entries! Also, for those of you on mobile, I have made the poll size bigger so you all should be able to vote as well. Let me know in the comments if you have any issues!

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1. Page 145


3. Ryan Switzer goes up to get caught by a teammate, is caught by nobody

Hell of a way to close out the Page 145 regional here. Can Switzer take down the heavy favorite to win this tourney? Or will he too fall victim to the power of "FTS?"


1. Boston College completed the quest for double perfection


2. PJ Hairston's mom set up a GoFundMe page to be enticed to tell her side of the story

A total chalk regional final here, but it's one that we all wanted to see, right? Either one of these could easily move on to the Final Four, but I have to admit I'll be a bit surprised if the one seed doesn't move on here. Going 0-27 across conference play in the two big revenue sports is a spectacularly bad feat.


2. The Boston College-Wake Forest football game


4. Miami Football's weird photoshoot

The Amazing Regional saw our first one seed go down, which is appropriate because it fell much like the Drunk UNC fan did down the steps. This is actually a really tough one here. Can the underdog four seed win yet again? Definitely don't count this one out!


1. The ending to the Duke/Miami Football game


2. That's not the US Capitol, ACC

HOOOOO man is this a tough one to end on. Both of these deserve to be in the Final Four, let's be honest. But since only one can make it, it's up to y'all to decide who gets to move on here.