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Mazel tov, Villanova Wildcats

This here is the official appreciation story/thread for all things celebrating Villanova (and, more importantly, deriding UNC).

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova is the gift that keeps on giving. A season ago, the #1 seed Wildcats fell victim to NC State in the third round of the NCAA tournament, a triumph that propelled the Pack to the Sweet 16. As if bouncing a one seed from the dance wasn't enough, we Wolfpack nationers were further gifted by the 15 minutes of fame from Crying Piccolo Girl.

And then Kris Jenkins. God love Kris Jenkins. Kris Jenkins is a beautiful butterball of a baller. And if it wasn't enough that he, at 260 or so pounds, was able to trail the last play totally unnoticed by five argyle-clad Tar Heels before beating the buzzer with the game-winning three, let me remind you that Kris Jenkins is the adopted brother of Tar Heel Nate Britt. Kris Jenkins is going to get the last turkey leg at Thanksgiving, and he is also gonna get the goat, so to speak. THANK YOU KRIS JENKINS.

We have a lot to be thankful for on this April 5th. Prior to last night, the last buzzer beater to win an NCAA title was in 1983. You are all pretty familiar with how that transpired (it was totally a pass, amirite Whit?). The Cardiac Pack's culmination took place on my birthday; for the first time, I jumped high enough to touch the then-stylish popcorn ceilings in my parents' abode. It felt like I jumped so high, that NC State got me so high, that I experienced weightlessness. All was right with the world.

Thank you Wildcats for another priceless memory and birthday present. If it couldn't be NC State gifting me again and taking Lorenzo Charles (RIP) from the "last time" pages, at least the pompous, cheating jerks from Chapel Hill were on the wrong end of history. I jumped for joy again. (I'm much older now, but I can still get the popcorn.)

So, consider the comments section below your official Villanova Wildcats appreciation thread. But, as always, feel free to hate as well as appreciate, as in hate on Carolina. Go ahead, let it all out.