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Will Craig is making a mockery of college baseball

Even video game numbers would blush in the presence of this dude's numbers.

Lance King/Getty Images

Will Craig is, in the parlance of baseball scouting, a big donkey. At 6-3, 235 pounds, Craig's power stroke carried him to 21 homers in his first two seasons for Wake Forest. Dude showed off the hit tool in a big way last year as well, posting a .382 average. All that hittin' and homerin' garnered Craig the ACC POY honor in '15 and booked him on just about every all-American first team.

Now Craig has done the baseball equivalent of breaking Madden. Or he sold his soul. Or maybe he ordered an officially licensed Jobu doll from and sacrificed a whole semi full of live chickens. Whatever he's done, it's working to the tune of a .475 batting average. But Craig isn't sacrificing any power for the sake of average; he leads the NCAA with a .950 slugging percentage. His SLG% alone is higher than any N.C. State player's OPS! The big donkey's driven in 41 runs in 24 games (he missed seven due to injury). He's got a .573 OB% and, despite being a power guy, has walked more times (15) than he's struck out (12).

Oh, and just for kicks and giggles, he's toed the rubber eight times on the season, going 1-0 with a 1.80 ERA and three saves.

Elliott Avent, if you're reading, we will give you a free pass on sacrifice bunts this weekend. You sacrifice to your non-sabermetrical heart's content, but under no circumstances should you challenge Craig in any sort of situation resembling a tight baseball game. Up two with the bases loaded? Put him on!

Walks may well tell the tale in this weekend's pivotal three-game set at the Doak. The Demon Deacons draw an average of five walks per game and are not shy about wearing one, having been hit a Jake Armstrong-like 39 times in 31 games. The hard to hit but often control-challenged State staff has piloted the team to a -4 deficit in walks and a -20 deficit in HBPs this spring. The Pack do not want to turn this into a battle of bases on balls and hit by pitches (save for, of course, whenever Craig is anywhere near the dish).

Florida State (7-1), Miami (10-2), and Louisville (9-3) have separated themselves from the herd in ACC play and appear to be locks for the league's postseason tournament. It's safe to say Virginia Tech (1-11) will be staying in Blacksburg when tourney time comes, and Boston College (3-7) and Duke (4-8) have probably dug themselves a hole they can't dig out of. That leaves eight teams for seven spots in the tournament, and all eight teams are bunched together with records ranging from 7-5 to 5-7. The Pack (5-5) are probably a safe bet to get in the 10-team field, but taking this series could go a long way in solidifying a top six seed and thus avoiding a play-in game. Pitt and Wake are tied for the final spot at 5-7, so obviously a lot is riding on this series for the Deacons as well.

Two of the three games will be televised for the glorious price of free, including Friday's 6:30 p.m. opener streaming on The Ocho. Saturday's game (4 p.m.) is only available through gopack's all-access. After an off day Sunday, the series concludes Monday night at 7 p.m. on ESPNU.