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NC State has five players selected in 2016 MLB Draft, led by Preston Palmeiro

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NC State Athletics Communications

All 40 rounds of the MLB Draft are complete, and as usual, NC State had several players selected. The Wolfpack had five guys get picked—Preston Palmeiro was the first, going in the seventh round to the Baltimore Orioles.

Palmeiro was quickly followed by Andrew Knizner, who went 15 picks later to the St. Louis Cardinals. Will Gilbert went in the eighth to the Oakland Athletics, Ryan Williamson went in the 15th to the Washington Nationals, and Cody Beckman went in the 25th to the New York Mets.

Theoretically, all but Gilbert—the lone senior—could return to NC State for another season, but that is unlikely, because having leverage has become a lot more important since the draft format changed five years ago.

Palmeiro and Gilbert are looking at bonuses in excess of $150,000. Gilbert would be looking at the same if he were a junior, but instead will probably get substantially less. Teams basically treat seniors like coupons for saving against their bonus cap these days—just look at what happened to Logan Ratledge a few years back.

So I would expect all of the players with eligibility remaining to sign. Williamson, who needs major elbow surgery, wouldn't be able to play next college baseball season, anyway.