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NC State introduces second, very adorable live mascot named Tuffy II

Pet Market In Beijing Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, especially you NC State fan dads, who are by default extra good dads. Like my dad, for instance. NC State has a gift for you: IT’S A PUPPY OH MY GOD WE GOT A PUPPY MASCOT NOW.

So much cuteness. Those are two very good dogs, yes they are, yes they are.

I feel like we could have done better than Tuffy II as the name, though. We don’t have to follow the lead of the Georgias of the world and just stack roman numerals at the end. That’s kinda lame, plus it doesn’t compliment the unique Tuffness of the different dogs.

I’ve spitballed a few ideas: Tuffward, or Tuffalicious, or Tuffnado. Tuff J. Warren. Tuffery Q. Pack. Tuffé. Tuff Enuff. Tuffy Tuffy Tuffenfree. Gary. Mega Tuffy. Jaylen Samuels Jr. Tuffen Curry. Lieutenant Commander Tuffy. Tuffer Than AFAM. Tuffy O’Houlihan. Tufferson Hall.

Anyway that’s only a preliminary list. Welcome aboard, Tuffy II.