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Jacoby Brissett negotiates rookie contract without agent, saves a lot of money

NFL: New England Patriots-Minicamp Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Jacoby Brissett agreed to terms on his rookie deal with the New England Patriots last week. He was the last of the Patriots’ draft picks to sign, and he was also the only 2016 NFL draftee who did not hire an agent to negotiate his deal. That is not a coincidence.

It sounds risky to go without an agent, but under the current structure of the draft, it’s really not. The NFL is following the MLB model these days, with each pick pre-assigned a dollar value. As Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Brandt explained in May, getting these contracts done is not especially difficult. (h/t @thewolfpacker)

Brandt added that Brissett probably would save $100,000 by not hiring an agent. Handling the negotiation process himself might have caused some headaches he could have otherwise avoided, and it certainly extended the process, but I’d say that’s well worth it for saving $100k. Shrewd move, kid. Shrewd move.