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NBA Draft 2016: Scouts have some incorrect thoughts about Cat Barber

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NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-North Carolina State vs Duke Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis collected analysis from several anonymous NBA scouts about some prominent college prospects, including NC State point guard Cat Barber. It’s interesting enough for their thoughts on these kids, but it’s also an insight into the league in general might feel about certain guys.

The blurb on Barber, which is a mix of analysis from multiple scouts, is perfectly reasonable in parts and also really wrong in others. Take this, for instance:

I don't know why he left college because he's not going to be a first round pick. If you leave because you're scared of the guy coming in behind you, how good are you really?

What’s alarming about this if you’re Cat Barber is that someone—who has some measure of influence with his club—has not done their homework. Like, at all. Barber had intended to go pro for a long time, and that decision did not have anything to do with incoming freshman Dennis Smith. But somebody’s managed to manufacture his early exit into a knock on him, and that is concerning.

Nevermind that there’s lots of entirely valid reasons for turning pro even if you aren’t going to be a first round selection. He didn’t leave because of competition—I don’t think there is any doubt that he would have played a major role on NC State’s team next year.

Hopefully this is the isolated opinion of one guy, and not a representation of the general consensus of the scouting community. If it’s the latter, then it’s going to hurt Barber’s draft prospects, for no good reason whatsoever.