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Trevor Lacey gets a new contract in Italy after successful rookie year

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NC State v Louisville Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Trevor Lacey’s decision to leave college early was a controversial one for some, but even though Lacey didn’t end up in the NBA, it’s safe to say that decision was a good one. Lacey was the leading scorer on his Italian team, Pesaro, this past season, putting up 14.5 points per game.

That earned him a lot of interest from other clubs, and a nice deal from Dinamo Sassari, a rival team in Italy’s top division. The one-year deal is reportedly worth in excess of $200,000, according to Pack Pride. Lacey’s getting a big raise, and he’s also going from a team that finished 12-18 to one that finished 16-14. Upgrades all around.

His former team did have a heartfelt farewell for him.

Bye bye, dear Trevor! Now I feel a little bad for them.

Lacey posted a 54.5 eFG%, leading all of Pesaro’s primary contributors. He shot 33.8% from three and made 57.2% of his two-point attempts. That’s a strong debut, and without it—if he’d remained in college—he’s probably not looking at quite the same payday he received this offseason.