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Debbie Yow talks with The Wolfpacker about the state of the athletics department

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Troy v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The Wolfpacker published its annual interview with NC State athletics director Debbie Yow last week, and as always, it’s well worth a read. Yow speaks on a bunch of topics, from serving alcohol at Carter-Finley Stadium, to Omer Yurtseven’s pending eligibility status, to the potential ACC Network.

Yow interview part one
Yow interview part two
Yow interview part three

On the football side, Yow is still obviously displeased with the current division format but says there is no momentum whatever toward getting rid of them. Since every single school in the Coastal is perfectly fine with the current setup, and understandably so. She also says that a move to a nine-game conference schedule is realistic (it very nearly happened several years ago).

And yes, you can purchase alcohol in Carter-Finley Stadium this fall—if you’re in Vaughn Towers. Given the way she addressed this subject, I don’t think we’ll be seeing taps at the stadium’s concession stands any time soon.

She’s confident that a 24-hour ACC Network will materialize, expressing little concern about the trend with cord-cutting. I’m more dubious of the whole thing, but Yow goes as far as mentioning that the athletics department already has plans to develop a television studio within the Murphy Center. (Say goodbye to your old racquetball court, Chuck Amato.)

Regarding Yurtseven, she points out he’s a good student and his eligibility has nothing to do with grades (we knew the latter bit already). It’ll be a matter of clarifying how he was compensated as a professional overseas. It doesn’t sound like there will be a ruling on his status in the near future.

Those are a few bullet points, but there’s lots more in there to digest. She got a good rant in on the women’s hoops team’s NCAA tourney snub, too.