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ACC basketball conference schedule expanding to 20 games in 2019

NC State v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

ESPN and the ACC officially announced the ACC Network at a press conference on Thursday morning, and what does a television network need? Inventory! So when the ACC Network hits the air in 2019, the league will increase its men’s basketball schedule from 18 games to 20.

I’m not really sure how to feel about that just yet, but if it was necessary to help make the network a reality, then so be it. The ACC Network, like other league networks, will be well down the pecking order when it comes to selecting football and basketball games, so the more games available, the better for the network.

In other ACC Network-related items: Raycom will continue to operate the current “ACC Network” in its current syndicated, regional form until the linear network is up and running in 2019. In other words, Raycom’s farewell tour is officially underway. The ACC Digital Network will remain in its current role, cutting highlights of all the games and what-have-you.

Here’s more on the ACC’s new arrangement with ESPN.