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NC State’s apparel deal with Adidas is nation’s 14th-most valuable

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NC State signed a six-year contract extension with Adidas late last year worth almost $39 million in total. That agreement represented a huge increase over NC State’s previous deal, and it also one of the top 15 richest apparel deals college sports, according to Forbes.

That’s impressive, though it’s important to remember that the timing of various deals across major college sports varies widely. Comparing a contract signed in 2015 to one signed in 2010 is not exactly and apples-to-apples evaluation. When the next cycle of negotiations hits—several big-name schools are up for new deals in 2018 or 2019—State is gonna fall down the list.

That doesn’t change the fact that NC State managed to get a really good deal out of Adidas. It has a higher dollar value than a lot of contracts handed out in a similar time frame, and even better, it’s a relatively short agreement, which gets State back to the negotiating table sooner.

Yow spoke recently with Pack Pride about the negotiation process, and among other things, she was candid about Nike’s utter lack of interest, which I found interesting:

"Actually, Nike has not been interested either time that we put this on the street," said Yow. "They certainly had the opportunity through the RFP. They're not serious.

"It isn't just us. I know that for a fact. They're leading in this industry category. [They] don't feel the need, particularly, to add new schools. When they add, it's very selective."

Nike is in such strong position that it can get Michigan to spurn Adidas and Under Armour despite making a lower offer than either of them. What’s the Swoosh need us for anyway—they’ve got our more prominent neighbors down the road already.

A lot can change in six years, and I know a lot of folks are always gonna be hoping for a Nike deal at some point. But this Adidas contract isn’t exactly going to have Wolfpack athletics starving over the next half decade.