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Dennis Smith Jr. getting rave reviews for performance at Adidas Nations

Adidas Eurocamp - Day 2 Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images

In his first serious competition since suffering a knee injury, Dennis Smith Jr. is impressing everybody. Smith is playing at the annual Adidas Nations event, which gives him an opportunity to play against other college players. His performance on Friday night earned a lot of positive remarks from media members.

Here is the box score from the game:

DSJ played with NC State teammates Abdul-Malik Abu and Maverick Rowan in the game. Smith scored 17 points on 8-15 shooting, with four rebounds, four assists, and six steals. That’ll work.

Everybody was at least a little worried about how a major knee injury might affect Smith’s game—how could you not be—but it doesn’t look like that setback cost him much at all. He looks explosive, and by his own account, his knee is 110% good fine great tremendous. There is substantial video evidence of this.

I realize this is a dangerous sentiment in Raleigh, but man, I’m ready for basketball season to start, like, yesterday.