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Coming this football season: BTP The Podcast

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NCAA Football: Belk Bowl-North Carolina State vs Mississippi State Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

While our marketing department continues development on BTP The Lunchbox and BTP The Flamethrower, I can tell you for certain that BTP The Podcast will be a reality this fall. After a successful warm-up run this weekend, I am now mildly confident that I can record and edit a podcast without blowing something up, and thus the project has gotten the green light.

My co-host on the podcast is Will, your area #goacc expert. The general plan is for an episode once a week during the season where we look back on the previous game and probably ahead to the next one. Unless we are too busy crying.

Will there be guests on this podcast? Probably! Will it fly off the rails most weeks? Yeah, I’d imagine so. Does it have a theme song yet? No, but if you want to write one, be my guest.

(If you want to listen to our podcast trial run, you can do so here. Will’s dog has some fire takes fyi. All future episodes will be posted to that page, also.)