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NC State a 20/1 underdog to win ACC football championship

Clemson v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

NC State has the ninth-best odds of winning the ACC football title this season, according to Bovada. Not surprisingly, five of the eight teams given better odds reside in the Coastal Division. Clemson and Florida State run one-two, and of course both teams are in the Atlantic Division.

Unless! (*checks ACC’s website*) ... darn it.

Bovada also has odds for each division title, with the Wolfpack ending up exactly where you guessed:

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the ACC Atlantic Division

Clemson 10/11

Florida State 5/4

Louisville 6/1

NC State 14/1

Boston College 40/1

Syracuse 50/1

Wake Forest 50/1

As usual, the Florida State-Clemson game lines up as the de facto Atlantic title game. That one is in Tallahassee this year.

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the ACC Coastal Division

Miami 3/2

Pittsburgh 3/1

Virginia Tech 3/1

North Carolina 17/4

Georgia Tech 10/1

Duke 20/1

Virginia 40/1

You’d think that at some point fans, media, and oddsmakers would get to a “you’re gonna have to prove it to me” point with Miami, but no, apparently not. The Hurricanes probably still have, top to bottom, the best talent in this division, but yeah so what, man. They’ve still yet to ever win this division, and I’m not sure Mark Richt is capable of getting them over the hump in his first season, though I would welcome this development because Miami is not UNC.

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the ACC Championship

Clemson 3/2

Florida State 9/4

Miami 9/1

Louisville 10/1

North Carolina 10/1

Pittsburgh 14/1

Virginia Tech 14/1

Georgia Tech 16/1

NC State 20/1

Duke 40/1

Syracuse 75/1

Virginia 75/1

Wake Forest 75/1

Boston College 100/1

Sorry, Boston College.