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Terronne Prescod needs his own variety show

NCAA Football: Syracuse at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The folks at have been trailing the offensive line group during camp and posting video recaps of the big uglies’ progress through August. After watching the two installments that have been released so far, I am now a huge Terronne Prescod fan. Terronne Prescod clearly needs some sort of variety hour.

In the first episode, Prescod has an encounter with a bee or wasp as he is walking off the practice field (~1:25-mark). In episode two, he spends Meet The Pack Day ribbing his teammates, and tells Will Richardson that he “smells like hot dog water.” (2:25)

This is enough evidence for me that Terronne knows comedy, be it intentional or not. He should be the next player ticketed for video stardom, following in Jack Tocho’s footsteps. After all, this is the whole reason why we have a college football program—to find the school’s next great internet show hosts.