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NC State football: What’s the single biggest problem spot for the Pack?

North Carolina State v Wake Forest Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

We’re three weeks from the first game of the season and a few days from NC State’s first intrasquad scrimmage of camp. After this week, and the next week, it’s game week! It’s beginning to get serious, is what I’m saying. I see no better time to air our anxieties about the team.

So what is your biggest concern at a single position, non-quarterback division? (Quarterback is too easy an answer for whatever pain lies ahead.)

Some worry-spot candidates:

The other cornerback: Jack Tocho will occupy one position, but is Mike Stevens ready to step into a larger role? Is there a bigger loss on the defensive side than Juston Burris?

Left tackle: Anytime there’s a new guy manning the blind side, there’s cause for worry. I like Tyler Jones, though, and expect him to be solid. I actually think the offensive line is an underrated part of this Wolfpack team.

Placekicker: We’ve been fortunate that for most of the last decade, reliable placekicking has not been a problem. Last year was much different, as Kyle Bambard made only half his attempts. His inconsistency prompted the staff to bring in a graduate transfer at kicker during the offseason. There’s still no telling who’ll end up handling the job in 2016.

The third/fourth wide receiver spot: Nyheim Hines and Bra’Lon Cherry are pretty much the veterans of this whole group, circumstances being what they are, which is, well, not super preferable, but here we are. Does Maurice Trowell become a more consistent pass-catcher (which Dave Doeren is trying to wish into reality during every press conference)? Can Kelvin Harmon process everything fast enough to become a fast contributor? What else can we do? What is life, anyway? Why am I crying?

Feel free to make other nominations.