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Dave Doeren isn’t ruling out dreaded two-quarterback system in 2016

Everything’s fine!

NCAA Football: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Doeren talked a bit about the 2016 NC State football team at the Raleigh Sports Club on Wednesday, and of course the quarterback battle was a topic of discussion. The Wolfpack doesn’t have a starting quarterback yet, and probably won’t have one until at least next week.

If the QB competition remains muddled much beyond that point, though ...


Dave. Dave. Dave. David. This is not the kind of thing I need to be hearing at this point in the offseason, or really at any time for the rest of eternity. You’re gonna put an abrupt end to the positive offseason vibes that I have carefully cultivated and maintained since June if you keep this stuff up.

These last couple weeks of unbridled and baseless optimism are sacred. I do not need you going full October on me right now.