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Photos: Inside the Reynolds Coliseum renovations

Gettin’ there.

Sherman Basinger

If you’ve read this site for a while, you may be familiar with the work of our own Sherman Basinger, who is a long-time NC State women’s basketball season ticket holder. Sherman was in Raleigh this week to pick out his seats for the upcoming season and was kind enough to snap a few photos while he was in Reynolds Coliseum, which is less than a month away from its official unveiling.

Have a look:

Here is a portion of the new NC State Hall of Fame display that will occupy a significant portion of the entrance area. Spotted here: a T.J. Warren Suns jersey, a Philip Rivers Chargers helmet, a Mario Williams Bills jersey, a Joey Devine (I’m guessing) Braves jersey, and a Tim Clark golf bag. Plus some soccer and WNBA jerseys that I don’t recognize.

Sherman Basinger

History is a theme with the renovation that extends well beyond the main entrance; this section of the upper concourse serves as one example:

Sherman Basinger

Still going to be tight upstairs, but the white paint makes it feel brighter and more open.

New concessions:

Sherman Basinger

This shot gives us an idea of what the building is going to look like with the lower level seats/bleachers in place:

Sherman Basinger

That’s from the main-entrance (north) side.

Back when the men’s team still occupied Reynolds, the place could feel claustrophobic in the best way possible. That effect was lost for wrestling or women’s hoops or volleyball, because only a fraction of the seats were filled, and as a result the place managed to feel kinda cavernous.

That’s going to change, though, with capacity cut by more than half and the court placed more efficiently within the building. And I have a feeling the men’s basketball game that’s played in Reynolds this season is going to be nuts.

Shot toward the north entrance, with one set of end zone bleachers extended:

Sherman Basinger