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The Wolfpack football nostalgia series, Danny Evans and ECU edition

It’s good to remind ourselves from time to time that football can produce positive surprises.

Virginia v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

We’ve got six days left before the start of NC State’s season, and what better way to get excited than watching a game played by the ... 2007 Wolfpack?! Sure, you know what, let’s do this. I had completely forgotten about this game, but not because it ended badly. I’d forgotten most everything about the Danny Evans era out of necessity.

This performance against ECU was one of Evans’ better games at State, though, and while this Wolfpack team finished the year with a losing record, it could at least claim wins over the Pirates and, later, the Tar Heels.

(game film courtesy internet hero cylonwolf)

State jumped out 21-0 on the Pirates only to watch ECU score the next 20 points (including 10 points in the final minute of the first half, because you know how we do). The Pack eventually regained its footing and buried the Pirates on a perfectly executed wheel route by Jamelle Eugene about halfway through the fourth quarter.

The winning part is nice, but there’s so much more to this video. Does anyone actually remember CSTV, for instance? And there is a young Nate Irving making plays. Harrison Beck, former four-star recruit, standing around on the sideline as a walk-on from Broughton takes all the snaps at QB. Marcus Stone, former four-star recruit, fully transitioned from QB to tight end. It was a strange time.

And there’s Steven Hauschka, the pride of Middlebury, showing off some of the skills that would later earn him a job with the Seahawks.

This was nine years ago, and it does not at all feel that way. Though the uniforms do drive home that this game is relatively ancient history. It’s especially weird for me to know I can look back at my immediate post-game thoughts from a game that’s almost a decade old. I really need to shut down this internet diary machine, man***.

(***In roughly 2057.)