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NC State has 68% chance of making bowl game, according to S&P+ projections

Hey, not bad.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe NC State’s post-season outlook in 2016 isn’t as dire as it sometimes feels. SB Nation’s Bill Connelly published his updated preseason S&P+ projections on Friday, and they present a relatively optimistic view of the Wolfpack’s year ahead.

NC State is being given a 68.3% chance of making it to a bowl game, which ain’t too shabby considering the schedule. Then again, S&P+ doesn’t see State as more than a six-win team this year. (This would be a great time for one of those “big wins” we keep hearing about, Dave Doeren.)

Overall, the Pack ranks 41st in S&P+. Clemson and Florida State both reside in the top five. Notre Dame is 13th, and Louisville is 18th. The Tigers are projected with the nation’s top offense, which makes a lot of sense what with the ridiculous amount of skill position talent they have back.

UNC is 30th overall, though S&P+ remains skeptical of the Heels’ defense (ranked 54th, 14 spots behind State’s). Pitt, UNC, Miami, and Virginia Tech run 29th, 30th, 31st, and 33rd. That’s the Coastal for you right there.

S&P+ also ballparks the odds of a team winning 11 games or more. NC State has a 0.1% chance. Challenge accepted.