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Congratulations to us all, we made it to game week

NCAA Football: Syracuse at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Give yourself a pat on the back, because, my friend, you’ve done it again. You’ve successfully navigated the gross and unneeded months in between football seasons. I think it went by a little faster this year. Maybe that’s because we spent a quarter of the time worrying about basketball recruiting. Say what you will about that but if it helps pass the time then it passes the time.

What did you do with your summer? Me, I went outside a few times. Saw Carlos Rodon pitch in Baltimore. Survived multiple punches to the heart by the White Sox, which has become an annual tradition. (#blessed) Watched a bunch of highlights of Dennis Smith dunking on people. There was some other stuff in there. Overall I would say it’s been a constructive several months.

Those months were a little empty because they didn’t include any football or Jaylen Samuels, but that’s all over with now.