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William & Mary starting RB Kendell Anderson questionable

William & Mary v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

William & Mary’s versatile offense last season was keyed by running back Kendell Anderson, who stepped in for an injured veteran at running back and had a big year. Anderson finished 2015 with more than 1400 yards rushing.

There’s a good chance Anderson doesn’t play on Thursday, because of a shoulder injury.

The Tribe’s offense should be good despite this potential loss at running back, but there’s no doubt that Anderson’s absence would/will hurt. This delves back into the depth issue that every FCS team faces in a game against an FBS team: they have only 60-something scholarships to work with, and attrition in key spots hurts that much more.

Versatility and surprise are going to be important for W&M on Thursday night. If their best running back is unavailable, then the surprise part of the equation is gonna be difficult to write. It could be done, and an altered approach is doable, it just isn’t likely to make a difference.