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Trea Turner hits walk-off home run against Phillies

Trea Turner cannot be stopped this year.

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Trea Turner has throughout his rookie campaign with the Washington Nationals shown off some surprising power. Not just gap power, but the power to get out the dang yard. On Friday night he hit a pair of homers, and the second one gave Washington a 5-4 win.

He came into the night with six home runs in 228 plate appearances this year, which is by no means bad. Plus there’s the six triples and 12 doubles. He hit two home runs against the Phils tonight. We knew he had some power. But good luck explaining this:

That, uh, is hard to imagine, but that’s been Trea Turner’s entire 2016 season with the Nationals. He’s still hitting well over .340. He’s been playing at this level for so long it’s like he’s found a cheat code (or maybe borrowed it from Bryce Harper?).

Best part of course is he’s done this as part of a very good team, and we’re going to see him in the playoffs. THAT is gonna be fun.

Only because you're my favorite player.. #CurlyW

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