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Highlights: NC State waltzes past Old Dominion, 49-22


Old Dominion v North Carolina State Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Did we learn anything from NC State’s blowout win over Old Dominion on Saturday? Welllll ... no, probably not much. But there is something to be said for getting through a week as a heavy favorite with no hiccups, even if the Wolfpack looked mostly disinterested in the game.

We did see some adjustments to the offense—namely Jalan McClendon assuming the role of “wildcat” quarterback, which resulted in three touchdowns. It’s not really fair to call it a wildcat formation given McClendon’s ability to throw the ball 1,000 miles, but the idea is essentially the same. State had more success in that spot with McClendon than it had previously with Jaylen Samuels (and others who wouldn’t be considered passing threats) keying the point.

They might have found something there.

Ryan Finley was exceptionally efficient again, Jaylen Samuels did the Jaylen Samuels things, touchdowns were had and scored and made. Good job, now let’s have a great off week, men. (gif by @no23sports)