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The #goacc Moment of the Week (9/22/2016)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

NCAA Football: Virginia at Oregon
“Can I go back to BYU yet?”
Cole Elsasser-USA TODAY Sports

I hope y’all are ready, because this week might be one of the most ridiculous #goacc Moments of the Week we’ve ever had. There are some absolute insane choices this week - it really is unfair that only one of them can be declared the winner. We had a similar week last week in terms of candidates, though Ray-Ray McCloud’s endzone blunder ultimately pulled away. I’m not sure we’ll see a run away winner this week - this might be one of the closest votes we’ll ever have. As always, we’ll close poking fun at some with the #suregrin award, some great photoshops, and some wrasslin’. Let’s get right down to the vote. Which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. The Patriots worked out both T.J. Yates and Sean Renfree...and signed neither.

(h/t @AdamSchefter)

Patriots have been all about some ACC lately - it’s also pretty fantastic that they chose to stick with the quarterback they drafted from NC State and chose not to sign a former quarterback from UNC (with NFL starting quarterback experience, mind you), as well as a former quarterback from Duke.

2. Ron Cherry gets suggestive with his penalty motion.

Easy there, Ron. That was more of a suck it crotch chop than it was the chop block motion. More on this later.

3. Florida State got roasted by Louisville, and some Florida State fans lowered their flag to half-mast.

(h/t @twesq)

I mean, when you get obliterated in the marquee game as the #2 team in the country, I suppose that’s appropriate.

4. UVA had some of the worst clock management you’ll ever see in their hilarious loss to UCONN.

(h/t @rodger_sherman)

Let’s set the scene here. UVA, with no timeouts left, on third down with 27 seconds left runs a QUARTERBACK DRAW?!?! Are you kidding me, Bronco Mendenhall? You should have been fired right after the game just for allowing that to happen! BUT WAIT! It gets worse! Just watch this video from the ACCDN:

That legit might be the most embarrassing way to lose a game I’ve seen in a long time. I mentioned this on the podcast, but Mendenhall’s start at UVA has to be one of the worst at a Power 5 school in a long time.

5. Yeah, this happened in the ODU - NC State game.

(h/t @lebrownlow)

I mean, I just can’t. That has to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen from an officiating crew in a game. They literally stopped the game to review to see what down it was. At least they got it right, I’ll give them that. But good lord, man.

6. Let’s check in to see how students are doing at NC State and....oh no.

(h/t @joeovies)

Seems like they’re adjusting to college life well!

7. Dave Doeren has the sadz.

The original of this picture was posted by @PackFootball right before Doeren went on SportsCenter to talk about Jacoby Brissett starting for the Patriots. You’d think he’d look a little more upbeat about it (or at the very least they’d have posted a different picture than this one).

8. Philip Rivers is a big Oregon fan now!!

(h/t @Pac12Network)

Ok, not really. But I’m sure some morons will make use of this on message boards. At least we won’t have to hear any hybrid comments on Sunday Night Football like another former NC State quarterback who shall remain nameless likes to do.

9. Let’s take a look at Steve Addazio’s "football philosophy."

(h/t @BCInterruption)

Boy, this is some real powerful stuff! No wonder he’s been so successful at Boston College.

10. Joel Berry has a sweet new hairstyle.

(h/t @armstrongabc11)

Damn Mark, that was savage.

the #suregrin award.

Got a few winners of the #suregrin award this week. First one goes out to the entirety of the Southern Cal football program. Just look at this mess!

When was the last time you saw a news report about players punching a coach in the face? I can’t think of one. What a dumpster fire that program has become.

Let’s next take a look at South Carolina State, where this poor kid will have to re-watch this mistake for the rest of his life:

Even Leon Lett wouldn’t have done something that ridiculous.

Lastly, Eastern Michigan had probably the weirdest kickoff you’ve ever seen in a game:

All because UNC-Charlotte somehow got three unsportsmanlike penalties in a row. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like that happen before.

The best photoshops of the week!

First, @TheBenSwain took that sad face Doeren and added it to an appropriate picture:

Simple, yet effective. Next, in case you missed Cam Newton’s spectacular outfit after the game Sunday, @joeovies is here with a tremendous mashup:

And finally, someone took a legendary Tecmo Bowl screen and turned into the best College Gameday sign I’ve ever seen:

And now, for your moment of wrasslin’...


Remember how I said we’d come back to Ron Cherry! Well, as it turns out, Ron was just trying to audition to become the newest member of Degeneration X:

See y’all next week!