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NC State opens as 9-point favorite to beat Wake Forest

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Indiana Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a lot of noise that goes with any given season of ... any sport, ever, but thankfully we can always count on Vegas to cut through the bull. NC State is a two-score favorite to beat undefeated Wake Forest on Saturday, because Wake Forest is not any good.

Of course, East Carolina isn’t any good either, and State was a touchdown favorite in that game. I’ve seen where reality decided to send us that day, so I should probably be careful here. I just want everybody to note the part where I thought I should hedge on this game, because I’m not doing that.

Wake really is a lot better, but some turnover luck has compensated for a team that down-to-down hasn’t been all that good the last few weeks. Give the Deacs credit for winning on the road, and for doing so in the mold of Jim Grobe.

They’re better. They’re still not on this Atlantic Division planet, though.