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The #goacc Moment of the Week (9/30/2016)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Georgia Tech
“Bruh, just wait till you see my new secret up safeties WHILE on defense”
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

What a way to close out September, folks. We’ve got yet another tremendous line up of #goacc for you to vote on this week. I’ll be honest, I thought last week would be a closer matchup, but UVA’s incredibly bad end of game clock management ran a way with a massive victory. No doubt we’ll be seeing them again in the tournament of champions this year. Moving on to this week, I think we’ll have another run away winner, and most of you that watched the games last week should know what it is. We’ve also got a worthy #suregrin winner, a great (and relevant!) photoshop, and one of the best wrasslin’ mashups you’ll ever see. Let’s get right down to the vote. Which is your #goacc Moment of the week? Vote below!

1. At Georgia Tech, if you want to work out in a weight room where they have a nutritional guide of Cook-Out’s menu...YOU CAN DO THAT!!

(h/t @martinrickman)

This might just be the greatest thing ever. Want to get a quesadilla tray with a side quesadilla? Now you’ll be in the know of just how bad that is for you (but oh so delicious).

2. Notre Dame got called out at the first presidential debate.

Just hasn’t been the best of starts to this season, has it Irish fans?

3. Let’s check in on Philip Rivers and....welp.

(h/t @JordanHeckFF)

For the love of everything can the Chargers just trade him to a competent organization? I feel like he’s been wasting away there for the last few seasons.

4. This video from the Philadelphia 76ers is next level #goacc.

(h/t @Sixers)

Don’t see what the connection is here? Let me help you out. If you listen, the audio of "Guys being dudes" is none other than Steve Addazio from his bizarre as hell vine account. Well done, Sixers. Well done indeed.

5. This poor usher struggled to take a photo at the Notre Dame game.

(h/t @JakeRinear)

Either that, or the ol’ guy really likes selfies.

6. Jimbo Fisher scared at least one player with his speech.

(h/t @LogansTwitty)

That player’s face is the embodiment of "oh shit."

7. The Palm Beach Post had trouble copying a Warchant post to their site.

I guess you could say the accuracy of this article title worries me. Ohhhh, feel that burn, Palm Beach Post!

8. Wes Durham finally revealed himself to be a life long NC State fan.

(h/t @joeovies)

Ok not really, but I can’t wait for some UNC fans to think this is real and call into the Roy Williams show to yell at Roy about Woody’s boy being a State fan.

9. Lil Wayne is coming to Tallahassee to perform at Florida State.

If he drops a new single called Talkin’ bout the Noles, Twitter might literally melt.

10. Georgia Tech puts in an entry for #goacc play of the year.

(h/t @SBNationCFB)

Seriously, click that link and watch that GIF of the play. If that isn’t the runaway winner this week, I will eat a shoe.

the #suregrin award.

This week’s winner goes out to noted brand enthusiast Darren Rovell, who for some reason decided to wear a blazer with uniform style numerals on it:

If you aren’t making that same face as Arya Stark, I’ll be shocked.

The best photoshop of the week!

Props to Joe Ovies for bringing back the "Jacoby Brisket" mispronunciation of Jacoby’s last name:

And now, for your moment of wrasslin’...


In what has to be one of the biggest hits of the college football season to date, Colorado State’s quarterback got absolutely bulldozed on a hit by Minnesota. Let’s see how the great wrasslin’ legend would’ve called that hit!

Enjoy the games this weekend everyone!