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NC State 48, William & Mary 14: Game 1 by the numbers

William & Mary v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Box Score

Total Yds
87 521
6.0 5.0
168 3.6

(Yds/carry stats are calculated after removing sacks from the equation.)

New offensive coordinator Eli Drinkwitz wants his offense to run a lot of plays, preferably at least 80 per game. State ran 87 plays from scrimmage against William & Mary, but did so via methodical efficiency rather than tempo. We haven’t seen the tempo aspect of Drink’s offense yet, which is fine. (And I bet that changes next weekend.)

State did not connect on many big chunk plays, which is reflected by its rather modest average of six yards per play. Still that’s an above-average number, and I think most folks are fine with that in week one with State breaking in a couple of new quarterbacks along with a new offensive system.

The Wolfpack did a great job for the most part of keeping on schedule, with very few rushing attempts going for negative yardage. NC State lost 17 yards rushing in the game, but 14 of them came on sacks. Matt Dayes, Dakwa Nichols, and Reggie Gallaspy each averaged at least six yards per attempt.

Defensively, State was dominant with two exceptions: William & Mary’s two TD drives accounted for 140 of its 168 total yards. Basically, the Pack defense came out flat in both halves, but was very good otherwise. You give me these numbers before the game starts and I’m taking them every single time.

The Tribe had 11 offensive possessions in the contest, seven of which ended with a punt. After the Tribe scored on their initial second-half possession, they went three-and-out the rest of the way—a span of six possessions. They managed a 10+ play drive once all night.

William & Mary is a good FCS team. Not much to be bothered about by the final ledger.