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NC State depth chart: Ryan Finley starting at QB against ECU

There will be no mystery about who starts at quarterback this week.

William & Mary v North Carolina State Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Not surprisingly, Ryan Finley has earned himself the start at East Carolina. NC State released a new depth chart on Monday and gone is the ‘OR’ designation at quarterback—Finley has the job, at least to begin the game. If he struggles, I don’t think the coaches will wait long to give Jalan McClendon another shot.

Finley looked poised and was efficient in his Wolfpack debut, completing 17 of 21 pass attempts. McClendon was solid as well but basically lost the job on one play: in plus territory, he ejected from the pocket and as he neared the sideline, fired a pass down the field that was easily intercepted.

That wasn’t so much panic as it was a young guy trying to do too much in an effort to distinguish himself. Hey, these things will happen. We just have to hope that he learns from it.

Elsewhere, the kicking situation remains unsettled, and again, that’s not a surprise. Neither Kyle Bambard (or “Bamberg,” as the ESPN3 announcers called him all night) nor Connor Haskins got a field goal attempt. It would have been ideal if State had gotten a couple field goal tries out of the William & Mary game, but I’m not going to complain about the team scoring nothing but touchdowns all night.