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NC State shows off new basketball uniforms on team photo day

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

NC State held its annual team photo day on Wednesday with the players in the home uniforms they’ll be donning this season. The overall design has been tweaked and really isn’t much of a departure from anything that Adidas has done for State in the past. And, hey ... do these uniforms look gray to you?

They kinda look white in some cases and look totally gray in others. Maybe it’s the lighting.

The only significant change to the jersey is at the shoulders, where the color accent has been removed. The shorts are completely different and resemble the shorts that NC State has worn during March in recent seasons. Stripes ring the bottom of the shorts, with “PACK” embedded in them on the right side.

I don’t hate these duds, and I don’t love ‘em, either. Seems pretty standard for a typical Adidas effort. If we win a lot of games this year, they’ll look fabulous, no doubtin’ that much.