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BTP’s Power of Positivity - A Primer

We probably need this now more than ever.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Been a rough past few days for NC State Men’s basketball fans, folks. While our football fortunes seem to be on the rise (...rinse, repeat), our women’s basketball team is ranked and baseball/wrestling look to have some exciting seasons ahead…we all know the deal. Men’s basketball is our pride and joy so Sunday’s events really brought us down. I was extremely frustrated with this team and had to take a step back to avoid reading too much because I couldn’t engage in all the (justifiable) negativity. It takes a lot out of you. Our fanbase’s neutral is negative because we haven’t accomplished anything of national significance in decades. BTP is better than most because we have steward who brings levity and a community that generally respects each other that can laugh together to avoid the tears. But after a disappointing football season last year, a roller coaster one this year, the collapse of last year’s basketball team, and the thinning patience for this squad to reach its potential, we need the power of positivity in our fandom.

SBNation website Cageside Seats is primarily a pro-wrestling blog that also dabbles in some MMA. I know some of ya’ll are current or former pro-rasslin’ fanatics and understand how negative hyperbole in that online community rivals only that of Star Trek/Star Wars fans, comic book movie fans and celebrity-worship communities like the Beyhive. Their website started a segment recently called “Let’s Say Nice Things About…” which targets normally maligned characters in wrestling and asks its community to only post good things about that person. They ask posters to limit the snark and avoid hijacking threads to make that section just one small positive corner of their vast coverage which contains all the same vitriol you know and love. It is simply a refreshing break from current frustrations and an opportunity to post or read comments from others that aren’t stereotypical “internet.”

Ideally, I would post these twice a week. I’ll look to pull from figures and teams from our past that we have had ups-and-downs with and try to avoid in-season coaches or players as those discussions will be had anyways. Also, it will include a small primer on that person or team just to refresh our memories. Oh and no worries, I would dare not include U*NC, the Twerps, Karl Hess or any other hated rival because no one would have anything to say.