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Virginia Tech vs. NC State: A quick glance at the Hokies

VPI is lookin’ like an NCAA tourney team.

NCAA Basketball: Citadel at Virginia Tech Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Time got away from me this week, so no full-blown preview. Bullet points will have to suffice.

— Virginia Tech ranks 14th nationally in three-point shooting and attempts threes at a slightly above-average rate. The Hokies have been one of the better shooting teams in general this year, and don’t turn the ball over much. That’s a good combination of skills.

— The Hokies have been poor on the offensive glass, however, and limiting their second chance opportunities will be important for State given how well Tech is shooting.

— Defensively, they haven’t been overly remarkable, but do rebound well and keep guys off the free throw line, which is important since they don’t run very deep.

— Just about everybody in the lineup is off to a good start shooting the ball, led by primary scorer Zach LeDay, who’s hitting better than 54% on his twos. Seth Allen is shooting tons better than he did a season ago and is one of four Hokies shooting better than 40% from three.

— Tech should be willing to get up and down with the Wolfpack, as the Hokies are 76th in adjusted tempo.

— The Pomeroy Predictor has VT by one.