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The NCAA is a Spineless, Soulless Organization

NCAA Football: Southern Methodist at Navy Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Today NC State point guard Braxton Beverly was declared ineligible by the NCAA. Now I’m positive I don’t need to tell you all why this decision is absolutely ridiculous. Nobody other than Mark Emmert and the NCAA henchmen need that explained to them. For those that don’t know though, Beverly took summer classes at Ohio State before transferring to NC State and has been ruled ineligible this season because he was enrolled before he decided to transfer.

Now the NCAA is a garbage organization. This decision doesn’t shed light on that fact. We all already know that. This is just the latest in a line of reprehensible nonsense that is put out by this organization on the regular. Beverly is quite literally being punished for getting ahead in his education. That’s absurd. What smart college athlete wouldn’t do that? Especially when you consider the crazy schedule they have to keep. That’s too much for the NCAA though. The rules are the rules, sometimes.

The NCAA isn’t even that far removed from declaring a UCF kicker ineligible because he had a monetized YouTube channel. God forbid a college student works to improve his financial situation, since, you know, he/she can’t make any money off their likeness. Now this. Punishing an athlete for being proactive in his education. What a joke.

The hysterical juxtaposition of this asinine decision with the NCAA’s final bow to UNC in its academic fraud case is not lost on anyone either. The message is clear at this point. It’s not about the kids, education, or any of the other phony taglines the NCAA throws around on a whim without any intent of living by. It’s about little green pieces of paper with dead presidents on them. But not for the kids.

Never again let these sniveling weasels tell you anything they do is for the kids. Never again let Big Money Mark and his band of incompetent greedy nothingheads even utter the term “student-athlete” again. Kids aren’t succeeding because of the NCAA, or even outside of it. They are succeeding despite it, and there is no indication that any of this is ever going to change.

Beverly will certainly appeal his decision, and he better win. And if he doesn’t, well then I predict that nobody will be surprised. State better fight though. It better fight hard. This is horseshit, and caving to the NCAA’s lack of integrity does no good for the University.