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NC State’s Torin Dorn is the cupcake killer

Dorn makes playing bad teams look easy.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Few players in college basketball this season are as accomplished as Torin Dorn at kick-the-tomato-can. Dorn has consistently destroyed the terrible teams on NC State’s schedule, most recently going for 22 points and 17 rebounds against UMKC.

NC State has played six teams outside the KenPom top-200, and in those games, Dorn made 44 of 56 two-point attempts (!), which is a shooting percentage of 78.6. Not bad, IMO. Not bad at all.

He’s so much stronger and faster—and often bigger—than the defenders he’s up against on those teams that they never have any clue how to slow him down. That’s where the versatility of his skill-set shines through, and it’s definitely impressive.

Unfortunately, Dorn has struggled in the other four games, all against KenPom top-100 foes. He is only 5-23 from two-point range in those games, which is a rather stark contrast. No one has exemplified the performance extremes on this Wolfpack team more than he has.

The good news is that the rough shooting against quality opponents is most likely an early-season anomaly: he shot 50% from two against top-100 teams last season and was even better (60%) as a freshman at UNC-Charlotte. Some things you can just chalk up to randomness, or the fact that it’s, y’know, November/December we’re talking about.

And the better news for Dorn is he’s got a few more weeks of cupcake destructifying before he sees another top-100 team.