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NC State faces a very good, very very large Florida State team

Take me on a blatant doom trip.

NCAA Basketball: Clemson at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Truly it is a Ham Jam this season for Florida State, which has led the ACC in dunks for most if not all of this season. The culmination of Leonard Hamilton’s vastly improved recruiting is 2017—the Seminoles are loaded with talent, run about as deep as anybody, and are as big as any team you’ll see all season.

The Seminoles have four guys who stand at least 6’10 who could see playing time, and most of their guards run at least 6’4, led by Xavier Rathan-Mayes.

The offense is led by wing Dwayne Bacon, who has vastly improved his three-point shooting as a sophomore, which is good for FSU since he attempts a lot of shots.

Freshman phenom Jonathan Isaac, who is almost certainly going to be a lottery pick this summer, is a ridiculous player for someone his size. He can hit threes, he’s tremendous inside the arc, and he’s an 83% free throw shooter. Dude is just an enormous talent.

FSU’s offense has no major weaknesses and ranks 19th in offensive efficiency. It’s the Year of Offense in the ACC—all of the good teams in this league (and even some of the not-so-good ones) have really good offenses. The Noles are no exception.

The defense, as you might expect, is highly disruptive thanks to all the size and athleticism Hamilton can put on the floor in any number of different combinations. Ham plays a lot of guys.

The Seminoles have an outstanding interior defense and block a lot of shots. They also generate a lot of steals, which is not good news for an NC State team that tends to be sloppy or careless with the ball.

This challenge is similar to the one Louisville presented NC State, and if the Pack can’t find a better solution, the result will be similar, too.