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Profiles of Possible Saviors: How would you rank them?

Don’t read anything into this photo, you dummy.

NCAA Basketball: VCU at George Washington Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

We have written extensively about possible replacements for Mark Gottfried, and almost certainly NC State’s next head basketball coach is among the list below. So let’s say you’re the athletics director and the decision is up to you; how do you order these potential candidates?

Here are our profiles of possible saviors this time around:

Archie Miller
Bruce Weber
Frank Martin
Kevin Keatts
LeVelle Moton
Mick Cronin
Chris Holtmann
Will Wade
Tim Jankovich
Gregg Marshall
Eric Musselman
Nick McDevitt
Richard Pitino
Pat Kelsey
King Rice

This is not only an important coaching search for Debbie Yow, it’s a complicated one, too, since she’s not going to be around much longer and also there are interesting choices right at her doorstep. This ain’t easy at all.

I might as well go out and make a prediction: Will Wade will be the guy. If it’s not Archie Miller, Wade, or Moton, then I think things went horribly wrong. But I’m wrong a lot so place your bets below.