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There’s still time to join BTP’s NCAA tourney pool

The field is out, so get to pickin’.

NCAA Basketball: Dayton at VCU
You call this a bracket?!
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the NCAA tournament field is out, we can get to making some picks, and you might as well make those picks as a member of BTP The NCAA Tournament Pool. There’s no cost to enter, and heck, the prize is free too. (Very, very free.)

Yahoo! group ID: 32515
Password: macrowave

You do not have to worry about picking the First Four games, which is to say that your final bracket submission is due by the start of the games on Thursday afternoon (12:15 p.m. ET). But you may want to revise your picks following the results of Tuesday/Wednesday before that Thursday deadline, depending on which teams survive those opening games. (Go Deacs!)

I just did a quick run through the bracket and with little firm belief about any of my picks, I ended up with UNC winning the title. Brain’s screwing with me again, I’ll have to stab it with a q-tip later. Anyway, go join the pool.