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Markell Johnson injury: NC State guard diagnosed with left knee sprain and bone bruise

Thankfully, Johnson’s injury is not as bad as it looked.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Markell Johnson took an awkward hit to his left knee against Clemson on Wednesday night and had to be helped to locker room. While we all feared the worst (i.e., ACL tear), there is good news: Johnson dodged a major injury and could even play for NC State in the ACC tourney next week.

Phew, that is really good news. Ever since the injury happened I’ve been like

Despite the fortunate prognosis, I’d still be surprised to see Markell playing on Tuesday, but he will be making the trip with the team to Brooklyn. No need to be taking any unnecessary risks at this point in the season, though if he wants to give it a go and they decide no additional damage can be done (you know, another freak collision excepted), hey, go for it, kid.

If the worst had happened against Clemson, given the timing, his ACL recovery likely would have stretched into next season. Let’s all be thankful State didn’t end up with that major setback during what has already been an extremely dreary year.