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ACC basketball transfer tracker: Marial Shayok's departure from UVA is league's most notable loss

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Since it is officially transfer season in college basketball, I decided to begin tracking all of the departures from ACC programs. Most likely there are more to come, but so far, the league hasn't been hit too hard by defections. Several schools have lost multiple players, but few of those players were important pieces.

The obvious big loser at this point is Virginia, which has lost a pair of kids that played 20+ minutes every night. None of the other schools that have lost players are likely to miss their departing players. Virginia will, though. Marial Shayok and Darius Thompson would have been important rotation members as seniors in 2018, but with those two gone along with London Perrantes, UVA's offense-challenged roster is suddenly looking pretty thin. And young. There's actually only 10 guys on their official roster at this point.

This is not to say that UVA will suffer the most from attrition next season. Duke and Florida State both have lost several guys to the NBA, for example. Attrition comes in a variety of ways, and here I'm only looking at transfers. The full list of transfers is below.

Player School Class Grad transfer? Measureables 2017 Role 2017 Stats
Ty Graves BC FR no 6'0, 165 Inconsequential 11 GP, 1.6 PPG, 36.1 3FG%
Sean Obi Duke JR yep 6'9, 255 DNP (inj) DNP
Chase Jeter Duke SO no 6'10, 230 Inconsequential 16 GP, 2.6 PPG, 2.7 RPG
Michael Gilmore Miami JR no 6'9, 215 DNP (kicked off team) DNP
Rashad Muhammad Miami JR yep 6'6, 160 DNP DNP
Matt Ryan ND SO no 6'7, 228 three-point specialist 36 GP, 7.9 MPG, 3.6 PPG, 43.4 3FG%
Damon Wilson Pitt SO no 6'5, 195 took 19 shots from the field this season, was 0-12 from three 29 GP, 6.3 MPG, 0.8 PPG
Crisshawn Clark Pitt SO no 6'4, 210 DNP (knee inj) DNP
Corey Manigault Pitt FR no 6'8, 230 Inconsequential 18 GP, 4.4 MPG, 0.8 PPG
Jarred Reuter Virginia SO no 6'7, 243 Decent end-of-bench contributor 32 GP, 10.8 MPG, 3.8 PPG
Marial Shayok Virginia JR no 6'5, 196 Important rotation player; had highest workload on team 34 GP, 20.6 MPG, 8.9 PPG, 2.4 RPG
Darius Thompson Virginia JR yep 6'4, 196 Rotation player; secondary scoring option 33 GP, 20.8 MPG, 6.2 PPG, 35.1 3FG%
Greg McClinton Wake JR yep 6'7, 200 Inconsequential 26 GP, 7.1 MPG, 1.2 PPG