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BTP Mailbag

You sent us questions. We tried to answer them.

NCAA Football: Independence Bowl-North Carolina State vs Vanderbilt Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first edition of the BTP Mailbag, where you send us questions and we attempt to supply you with answers. Let us begin.

@Abed515: "How long until the JaySam becomes the next dab?"

Alec: This will happen sooner than expected. Allow me to explain. Jaylen Samuels becomes a household name this year after he wins the Heisman Trophy and then goes first overall in the NFL Draft. Samuels then does the celebration after each of the countless touchdowns he scores during his rookie season. Next thing you know, kids all across America are doing the JaySam and nobody even remembers what the dab was.

Will: Wait, it hasn’t already? I kind of figured that it had.

@NCSUFan101: "Who would you put a statue of outside of Carter-Finlewoy Stadium? Who is most deserving, if any?"

Alec: I thought for a while about this one. There aren’t as many polarizing figures in the football program’s history as there are for the basketball team, but if I had to pick someone I’m taking Philip Rivers. To me he just represents the highest point of my lifetime for NC State Football. The passing record books at NC State were authored by Rivers and I don’t think there has ever been a player to come out of NC State that is more of household name than him. Others worth considering would probably be the Holt brothers, Russell Wilson for the sole purpose of annoying people who think he went to Wisconsin, and Ron Cherry with a plaque that says "Give them the business."

Will: Definitely Rivers, for the reasons that Alec stated above. No player has meant more or made a more significant impact than Rivers did during his time at NC State.

@wolfswo: "Hoops team going to take the overseas trip this summer that was cancelled last year? Could be a good head start for Coach Keatts in year 1."

Alec: I don’t have the details on this, but I assume they’ll try and do something like this. I’m sure it would be a good opportunity for some player-coach bonding, but based on the things I’ve seen and heard from Coach Keatts, I believe he will have an excellent relationship with the players regardless of any of that stuff. The full page ad he took out in a newspaper to say goodbye to UNC-W showed me how genuine of a guy he is.

Will: I’d like to see it, because like Alec said it would be a good bonding opportunity for the players and Keatts, though to be honest I think he’s done a tremendous job endearing himself to the players already. During his press conference all of the remaining players seemed real excited, so I’m confident Keatts is going to have a great relationship with the players regardless.

@ejoebarry: "Most likely to be a heisman candidate?"

Alec: We’re traveling out into Fantasyland a little here so I’ll preface this by saying the truthful answer is nobody. If I had to pick someone though, I’d go with Kelvin Harmon. Harmon is probably already the best receiver on the team and some of the catches he made last year and in this year’s spring game were incredible. Hopefully those plays are indicative of things to come. Maybe I consumed too much June juice this afternoon, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he could be an All-ACC player.

Will: Damn well better be JaySam, right? I mean he seems like the most logical choice to me. Not saying he has even a remotely high chance of even being considered for the award, but out of the players on the team he’d be my vote.

If you would like to participate in next week’s mailbag, post your questions in the comments below or send them to @AlecLower on twitter.