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Thaddeus Moss joins the TE exodus

Just days after Pharoah McKever announced he’ll be a grad transfer, sophomore Moss tweeted his intention to leave the program.

Wake Forest v North Carolina State Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Thaddeus Moss, one of the most coveted tight end recruits in the 2016 class and son of football royalty Randy Moss, tweeted that he would be transferring from NC State to better his “opportunities for the future.”

With Cole Cook a senior and the only true tight end on the roster ahead of him on the two-deep, Moss figured to get plenty of run this year in State’s multiple tight end sets and, with the departure of Cook and Jaylen Samuels after 2017, step in as “the man” as a junior. Instead, he’ll sit out a year. Makes total sense.

Moss caught six balls for 49 yards and a TD as a freshman. One of those catches was quite memorable.

Moss’s departure will press Dylan Autenrieth (RS-FR) and Damien Darden (FR) into service perhaps earlier than expected.

Here’s his tweet in full: