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BTP Twitter mailbag!

Taking your questions from Twitter about all things NC State

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Bringing back an old favorite this week - taking your questions about anything and everything NC State related from the world’s worst medium, Twitter! Let’s get this thing cracking, shall we?

God damn, right off the bat we’re getting super dark. Welp, for me, that’s an easy one. The 2003 ACC Tournament final, affectionately known as the “JJ Redick Game.” That was legitimately the closest I’ve ever seen State win anything of note in my lifetime in basketball, and to have it literally snatched away by one player still haunts me to this day. I vividly remember just being absolutely stunned. I had seen instances of NC State sheeeeeeeeet, but lord, never to that level.

There’s so many examples of games like this, but until NC State wins an ACC Tournament, it’s going to be difficult for me to get over that one, even now almost 15 years removed from that game. We’ve talked about this before on BTP, but think how much that one win would change the course of history of NC State basketball. How much longer would Herb have coached in Raleigh? Would the Sidney Lowe or Mark Gottfried eras even happen? Is Lee Fowler still in Raleigh? Hold on, I need to projectile vomit after that last thought. Let’s move on before I get too far down this what if rabbit hole.

There’s been a lot of talk already about this that Steven covered here, but I like this twist from Jai of adding one bench player. Out of players I’ve seen live in person, I’d have to go Richard Howell, TJ Warren and Julius Hodge, with Tom Gugliotta coming off the bench. Honestly, Richard Howell is one of my favorite players to ever wear the red and white - he worked his ass off every night trying to get literally every rebound. Warren is without a doubt the best pure scorer I’ve ever seen in person play for State, and Hodge, well, Hodge was the ultimate competitor. Googs was one of the first players when I was a kid that I really recognized in going to games with my dad at Reynolds, and Googs in his prime would be a fun addition to this 3 man squad.

That’s a tremendous question Drew, and to be honest I’m extremely excited to see what Keatts and his staff can do in Raleigh. They’ve had some great early success recruiting, and really after the way last season ended, hell, we can only go up at this point. Having Yurtseven back is a huge boon for this team, and while there likely will be some bumps and bruises in this upcoming season, I think the attitude around the team will be much more positive. I really think he’s going to do great things with the Pack.

In due time, my friend. In due time. Truth be told, #goacc died a bit this past season, but I think once football season starts back, we’ll see its return.