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If you’re interested in writing for Backing The Pack please inquire within

Come on and join the party, pal.

Mike Krzyzewski
“I have to say this 3,452-point list outlining the ways in which I suck is very thorough.”

Backing The Pack has built up a lot of momentum over the last couple of years and we here at BTP Industries would like to keep that rolling, which is why we are reaching out to you, person reading this blog post, to see if you might have any interest in being a contributing writer here.

While I have some sort of strange curse/disease/addiction that constantly nags at me to write about NC State sports, there is only so much that I can do until I figure out how cloning works. So I’d like to add a few (seven? 10?) folks to the cause here, especially now that we are closing in on the start of fall camp and football season.

BTP is now consistently in the top 20 in page views among SB Nation’s college sites, and that’s just with me mostly propping this dealio up by myself. Think of the world domination we can achieve together!

I can’t necessarily offer you money—though that’s negotiable depending on how things go—but I do have exposure to offer. No journalism or otherwise formal writing experience is necessary—hell, what we do here ain’t either of those things. Decent writing ability and a passion for the Wolfpack are all that’s needed.

If you’re up for giving it a shot, the door is open. Shoot me an email (address is in my SBN profile) and we’ll get started. Oh, and make sure you have an SB Nation account registered here, too.